Full Contact Information To Over 6000 International Venture Capital Firms and Over 5000 Investors plus 15,000 bonus investor emails completely verified.

For over a decade, we have meticulously compiled liquid investor & venture capital firm contact information offering complete access to it online, which is updated daily.

What makes our list so different is that we simply charge a nominal one-time fee for unlimited access to all of our investor contact information, unlike other sites where they charge per contact.

Investor contact information, such as Company Names, Locations, Industries, Addresses, Phone & Fax numbers, Web Site & Email address are constantly changing all of which need to be updated.  To accomplish this, we employ a dedicated staff to verify all contacts accordingly.  As with any list, it is only as good as the last update.

Our goal from the start since we launched this web site was to offer an online service that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to search for and secure funding for their business endeavors in a quick and easy format.

What you will find is an organized list and database of investors broken into industry to make it easy for you to find the type of investor that would be most likely interested in your project.

Investor Mailing List.com is the ultimate online resource for individuals and businesses small and large seeking venture capital for their business endeavors.  With thousands of listings and sources of investors seeking investment opportunities, our Investor Mailing List Online Information Packet & List has become the most widely known and used venture capital referral source online. 

Our sources of investment opportunity/partnership investors are current, and the individuals and companies (the venture capital investors), are the people who have provided the funding to the most successful companies on and offline.  That's right, those E-Companies during the .com boom who had received up to $500 Million in venture capital did not have to pay back even if they had failed. 

Seasoned investors know that not all business ventures will yield a result, and they are willing accept the risk of losing their money, because their return on a successful investment could be phenomenal. 

But obtaining a substantial amount of venture capital like that won't happen unless you have the right investor contact information to submit your business plan to.  Oil, Tech and other industry Billionaire's give millions away annually to thousands of businesses on and offline, for the eventual "Return On Investment" Ratio. Those select millionairs & billionairs alike often set up dedicated venture capital firms as a business, as they don't like their money just collecting dust.

The sources contained within our info packet have been uncovered to provide you with all the information you will need to acquire funding for you business.  From $500, to Millions of Dollars, our partnership investor resource list is a must have.


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