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With Access To Our Directory, You Will Be Able to Immediately Access Thousands of Investors & Venture Capital Firms Regardless of Which Area of Business Your Are in That Are Ready and Willing To Fund.

For over a decade, we've been the main provider of venture capital & investor contacts on the web for those looking for funding.  Thousands of individuals and businesses have accessed our exclusive & vast database of investors to contact funding sources directly for funding their business endeavor.

What makes our online resource unique, is the fact that we do not limit how many investors you can contact, unlike other services where they charge per contact.  As business owners ourselves, we want results and want them now without playing games. 

In addition, other sites may claim high numbers of contacts, but after our own in-depth analysis found that much of the information was mass-collected through automated robots and outdated.

So, if you're looking for funding, you can purchase access to our entire list of Names, Addresses, Phone & Fax numbers, web site & email addresses along with the type of businesses they invest in for just one nominal "access" fee and that's it.

You can rest assured our contacts are up to date and ready to fund as they have a pool of investors with lots of money to put into a good idea or solid business plan.

This is an International Database, which has assisted individuals and businesses small and large secure the funding they need to proceed with their plans, and we've been informed over the years that our contacts and resources helped fund many successful businesses within the U.S., Canada & Abroad and we want to help you.

Our Investor Mailing List - online database and listing offers an extremely easy and efficient interface with immediate contact details which means no endless digging around.



Investor Mailing is the premier place online to find an investor, venture capital provider, or partner for your business, future business or business idea.  Our site provides direct contact information and sources to International Investors looking for Investment Opportunities.

Our featured Online Information Packet lists investors who have millions of dollars just sitting around searching for an opportunity or partnership to engage in, regardless of industry.

If you or your business lacks funding for one reason or another, no matter what amount, then this list is a must have.  These investors have millions of dollars sitting around waiting for investment opportunities and ready to fund.  They want to give or loan you money to generate a return on their investment, and as your business or venture flourishes, financial reciprocation is common, depending on what kind of deal you work out.

Investors know that there is a lot of money to be made out there, and they know from experience that many individuals and small businesses have great ideas, but lack funding, which of course is a crucial part of the success of any business.  They know that, and they are willing to take a risk, even if they lose their money, because it is an opportunity especially these days.  Their way of thinking is that if 1 out of every 5-10 business (investment) endeavors prevail, than their investment is returned to them 10 fold.  These investors are risk takers, and they have the money to pump into investments if it will benefit them in any way.  After all, how do you think they made their millions?   Providing Start Up Capital To New & Upcoming Business In All Sectors.

Let's face it, the most essential resource any business could have is start-up funding, a financial investment, or venture capital.  Investors realize this and they are willing to part with a fraction of their fortune, if there's a possibility that their "Return On Investment" could be at least doubled or more.


Our International Investor Mailing List Contains Direct Contact Information To Venture Capital Firms, in addition to Public & Private Investors Catering To Individuals, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Seeking Financial Backing "For/From" The Following Countries:

Thousands of International Investors & Venture Capital Providers For Opportunities "For/From" Nearly Every Country Across The Globe!


You want to make money, and so do the investors.  That's why investor contact information is so vital to all round business success.   Businesses need funding, no matter how big or small they are.

Our list of investors is the most comprehensive and resourceful piece of information you could acquire for your business.  Our online information packet contains listings and sources of thousands of investors that are seeking to invest and grow their nest egg with partnerships they could establish with you, making it a very beneficial long term business relationship for both parties.

We have been compiling this investor contact information since 1995 and is updated weekly.  So, gain access now for unlimited access to the entire database & online directory without restriction.


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